Star of Stars

'Oh king, you are this great star, the companion of Orion...'  Ancient Egyptian text.

'We saw his star in the east.'  New Testament.

'...the Pentangle in pure gold... betokens (the) true faith...'  English myth.


Finding the Star of Bethlehem was a joyous moment for I'd spent years searching the night sky for this iconic, awe inspiring enigma. In the end it was easy:

I glanced at the rising Orion one evening and suddenly Lo! and behold there it was, just as the stories say: in Orion; in the east; a pentangle as bright as gold dominating the horizon. Breathtaking.

Can you see it? Check out 'Star Strike' for this and other myth-busting images.

What might this Star's reappearance mean for humankind? Maybe a new phase of enlightenment is about to start, for it is surely time to ring out the old.

Virgin birth: another myth busted.

If it can't happen on Earth, then look to the stars, for it is there we find the origins of all manner of non-sense. Star Strike shows how to locate this graphic image but if you are having trouble imagining how this could possibly work then check the star name Adhara (found in Canis Major). It means 'the Virgins' and from the stars in that area we can work out the key to star virgins (it made me laugh). Another big clue is that tradition allocates Jesus a Pisces star sign, despite the December (Capricorn) celebration. Within the Pisces constellation we find one star with two names: Al Rischa and Okda, these translate as the Cord and the Knot, both essentials at the scene of a birth. Further confirmation of a Pisces birthing comes from John 19:27: "See! Your mother!" which draws also on the brilliant and easy-to-see Eye image found in Pisces (see! 'Cold-eyed Cat' in Star Strike).

It can be no coincidence that, since Mary was impregnated by the Holy Ghost, the term for a non-existent pregnancy is a Phantom pregnancy. This particular phantom pregnancy, however, resulted in the birth of a lamb, more of which can be seen on this YouTube video 'The Jesus myths: Lamb of God'.


Fancy going where angels fear to tread? Nothing scary, they just don't like stepping on snails.

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